5 Cardio Activities That Burn Massive Calories

January 13, 2015
Top Training Tips for Busy Mums with Expert Penny Walsh from Fitness First Dee Why
November 15, 2016


*Combining punches helps your co-ordination involving upper body and lower (if kick boxing)
*Great for speed, strength, agility and will get that heart rate skyrocketing



* Full body exercise, the more body parts you involve thee more calories you will burn

  • Joints supported in the water
  • 30 mins breastroke can almost burn 400 calories



* Great as it doesn’t require any equipment and can be done anywhere.
*Its high impact, great for building strong bones and connective tissue
*If adding hills, sprints it really burns serious calories
*Average 300 calories for 30 mins average speed flats


Interval Training

*One of my favourite mixes recovery and workout times using cardio or weights.
*Your body and metabolism function at a higher rate of burned calories for hours and hours afterwards
*Your heart learns to operate outside of its normal range



  • Good for indoors or outdoors
  • You increase endurance while burning lots of calories e.g. 250-300 in 30 mins depending on speed and resistance.
  • Low impact so good for joints

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