Celebrity Trainer Penny Walsh: Her Star Approach to Wellness

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November 15, 2016
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The biggest fitness mistake I see people making is going too flat out too quick and therefore leading to fatigue or injuries.

Also I find people don’t get the right nutrition and exercise advice, and reach out to programmes listed on the internet and try programs that just are not suitable for them.

[The] little trick I use to stay motivated is to set goals every week to accomplish per week.

I definitely have off days where it’s harder to get into it but I then have to use a positive strong mindset and say to myself “think Of how good I will feel after! And stop procrastinating and get up and move girl !”

Fitness mottos of mine [are]:

“Shut up and train”

“Get it done”

“It doesn’t come on a platter! Work for it ”

“Rest time is after the session!”

Starting new fitness regimes is exciting, challenging and sometimes feels just too hard at times.

I believe you have to get yourself in a positive mindset, I advise my clients and others to write down goals and put them up somewhere to visually see everyday to keep yourself on track and motivated.

Also you have to think about how amazing you will feel after each workout!

As a busy mum of three I have always kept my children active from an early age by involving them in physical activity with myself and my husband outside whether it’s bushwalking, swimming, beach runs, stair runs, and sometimes involving them in my pt group sessions.

I also encourage and enrole my children in activities of their own like dance, soccer, netball, swimming, martial arts, and touch football to keep them fit and healthy.

I was always active in sports from a young age and that has lead my passion for health and fitness! 

Outside of cardio machines and weight training I have a trainer who trains me! Yes even a trainer has a trainer!

I do boxing with my trainer and cardio interval sessions (he smashes me every time- he’s brutal but I love it)! I also try to do a hot yoga session from time to time, and I love running outside as it relaxes me and clears my mind yet challenges my body.

I tailor programs for both men and women’s bodies.

Men I find usually want to create muscle mass and lower body fat, therefore I need to create a heavier weight program and fat burning cardio program, sometimes a HIIT (high intensity interval training) program depending on body.

[For] women I usually find a program with lighter weights and more reps for toning work works and I add a interval cardio program for fitness and fat burning.

With women’s bodies I have to keep in mind and work around pre or post natal clients and hormonal issues.

There has been many studies saying that fitness is fantastic for your mind and body.

I find that as fitness improves with my clients, or myself, that not only does self confidence and appearance improve but also endorphines rise and stress levels drop.

A unexpected benefit of training I’ve noticed, for those who need even more reason to get moving, is that not only does it change your appearance physically, but it also trains you to make healthy lifestyle a [permanent] change for the future.

I recommend to those looking for a trainer or group to join that they have a look at the trainer [and] observe how they are with their clients, question are they motivating that client, supporting the client, have they got experience and qualifications? As for [fitness] groups- are they motivated, fun, challenged, similar fitness level?

I recommend having a chat to a trainer prior to starting out with them to see how you connect and form a relashionship as you need to trust the trainer as they are helping you achieve your goals.

What works well with myself in regards to nutrition is just keep it simple, clean and healthy, back to basics really and try to go organic if possible.

I have 2 “off meals” a week, meaning I have a treat meal and I don’t feel bad about it as you need to make it realistic and a lifestyle change.

My approach to wellness outside of fitness is to 1. Do what you love 2. get adequate sleep, 3.have family and friend time 4.eat clean and healthy 5. Laugh- it’s good for the soul!




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