How to make a new years resolution stick

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January 13, 2015
Want nice arms? Heres How!
January 13, 2015

So we have had all the festivities of last year over now , so the next step is to write down your new years resolutions on paper and make them work so that you stick to it!
Its better to think not just for one month of sticking to your goal but over a few months or even the entire year. Lets get started.

1. Plan out your week for your fitness goals, add the times into your calendar as your fitness time.
2. Prep up – I always organize my workout gear the night before I go to bed so its all laid out and organized.
3. Take it easy – have 1-2 rest days a week
4. Stock up – on your workout gear so you don’t run out and have that ‘way out’ “ I don’t have any clean gear to wear ‘ – (believe me a client said that to me once)
5. Food – get organized , plan your menu , see a trainer to write out a menu suited to your needs.
6. Motivate – find out what motivates you to reach goals , maybe its starting at a new fitness club ? – wedding ? , holiday?
7. Reward yourself with non-food items – new clothes , facial or a holiday.
Try these points and I know you can keep to your new years resolution.

Get Moving…

By Penny Walsh

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