Exercise to Relieve Stress
January 13, 2015

Yes is my answer – many people do!

Overtraining in fitness and exercise programs is common in nearly all fitness and health clubs.

– Overtraining is defined as where a person performs more training than the body can recover from so therefore performance levels decline.
– People are afraid to rest , they believe the hard they train the bigger , strong and fitter they’ll become , but really its to the contrary.
– I recommend my clients to go hard with training 5 day – maximum 6 and 1 day a week recovery as your body reacts better and your joints and nervous system get a break – basically it recovers for the next week ahead.

Some symptoms of overtraining

– muscle/joint tenderness , tiredness and muscle tightness.
– Increased rate of overuse injuries
– Insomnia /distrurbed sleep
– Body weight loss
– Nausea
– Decreased appetite
– Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
– Decreased co-ordination
– Decreased muscle glycogen levels

So my advice is to step back and have a day or two a week off and notice your energy and enthusiasm levels rise!

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