Nicole Bonham

Sam Cushway
September 12, 2016

My journey began a little over 12 months ago, weighing in at 134kg and a dress size of 26. Like most starting out on a campaign to lose weight and gain fitness I reduced my calorie intake to 1200 cals/day and joined a gym. I was doing fabulously and had lost 48kg when the dreaded plateau hit. I continued to train up to 11 sessions a week and tried different diets without any significant body changes for over 3 months. This is when I met Penny and lucky for me she immediately identified I was on the wrong training program. She took me through the hardest training session of my life and developed a new training program and nutrition advice based off my own goals. After 2 weeks I began to notice changes with my body and improvements in my fitness level, I could once again feel the ‘burn’. Penny has helped me overcome the dreaded plateau and is taking me on the next step of my journey.

Two personal training sessions with Penny was the best Christmas present a friend could ever give. After already achieving so much with health and fitness I was stuck with how to move forward in achieving the ‘ultimate me’. Penny immediately turning my training program on its head and gave nutritional advice. I could feel the results instantaneously and I know Penny is the expert I was looking for to push, guide and support me in achieving my dreams.

If I was to describe my training sessions with Penny it would be ‘relentless’!! Penny takes my body, mind and spirit to places I never thought they could go. Although the sessions are the toughest thing I ever do, what Penny manages to do which others trainers I have had experience with fail to do is to give her complete 100% focus the whole time she trains you and makes you accountable for reaching the targets she sets in her sessions. In between sessions Penny goes the extra mile in checking on my wellbeing and progress.

If I was to describe Penny’s personality it would be the ‘Smiling Assassin’ during our sessions and the ‘Florence Nightingale’ after our sessions. You know the time spent training with Penny she is completely focused on making sure you get the most of the time together and this focus continues after sessions in the form of checking on progress and wellbeing.

I had already been committed to my training, doing 2 sessions a day and 4 personal training sessions a week. However after already losing 48kg and dropping 5 dress sizes I was beginning to become frustrated with not moving beyond this. My 1st training session with Penny was like being struck by lightning, I had never experienced anything like it and as Penny explained all my training should be at this level. It was very obvious I had not progressed my own training to where it need to be for any improvements to be made. Penny immediately developed a new training program for me and provided nutrition advice. As a result my fitness has improved, the body is changing in the direction I want it to and my passion for health and fitness has been reignited.